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Welcome to Castle Armoury Online; your unique and authentic resource for historical, antique and vintage firearms.

Castle Wall
Army Soldiers
Image by Marc Zimmer
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Castle Armoury's roots began when Tom and Terry Bongalis founded a firearms business in their North Vancouver living room, during the summer of 1960. The retail gun business was successful from the beginning.

Their daughter, Gail, began her journey into the firearms world at the age of two. Decades later, her lifetime exposure to firearms provided her with a broad spectrum of knowledge and expertise within various facets of that industry.

Gail recently founded Castle Armoury.Online, a resource website that contains photos of rare firearms, oddities and curiosities.

Castle Armoury.Online is your unique resource for historical, antique and vintage firearms. It was created to fill the needs of directors, property masters and script writers in the motion picture and television industry, authors, the media; law enforcement agencies, budding criminologists, collectors, gunsmiths and others . 

NO firearms are offered for sale or trade on this site or at a physical location.

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Firearms Gallery


Online Resources

We provide many FREE industry links to firearms brands from Baikal to Winchester for your convenience.  We also include a link to the Canadian firearms safety course. Our resource site will continually grow.

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