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Blank Cartridge Safety

When renting weapons that had been converted to blank-firing, Castle Armoury staff always demonstrated to first-time renters the dangers of using blank cartridges.

City telephone books of about a 5-inch thickness were used. Blank rounds of ammunition in varying rounds were fired into the phone books, from distances of up to 20 feet. The devastation left behind, particularly at close range, was unbelievable to newcomers.

Some of the larger calibers penetrated the phone books over halfway through and property masters were left stunner, with mouths agape!

Even with a .22 caliber blank cartridge, it was easy to imagine if the escaping gasses, powered residue and simple paper could penetrate a phone book, what could become of flesh, skin and bone under similar circumstance?

Depending upon the shooting caliber, blank cartridges can be lethal at up to a 20’ distance.

BE SAFE - Treat all blanks as if they are live rounds and keep your barrels lowered, to the ground, until ready to shoot!


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