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How to Breathe when Shooting

1. Don the appropriate shooting apparel; hearing and eye protection and gloves, if

you use them,

a) Take position:

With gun in hand, find a comfortable, face-forward stance (looking toward the

target, upper torso leaning slight forward.

b) Feet should be directly below the hips with knees slightly bent, to help the body

cope with recoil.

c) Extend arms, holding the gun in your hands and bend your elbows, slightly, to

prevent the recoil from injuring your arms.

2. Prior to shooting, extend your right forefinger along the frame of the gun, above

the trigger guard. This will prevent accidental shots fired.

a) Aim your gun the at the target and position the sight on the spot you want the

bullet to hit. Take a few slow, deep breaths and concentrate on the target as you

do so.

b) Gently lay your finger on the trigger, keeping the slow pace of breathing.

c) Release the safety, if there is one on the firearm. With both eyes open, roughly

half-way through the next exhale, gently pull your forefinger toward yourself,

which pulls the trigger and fires the gun.

3. Wait until the range is all clear and SAFE to approach your target. Lay your cleared

weapon down on the shooting bench and approach your target. Cover your

bullseyes with tape and repeat!


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