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What are Ghost Guns?

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

The definition of a ghost gun is any weapon that was made by someone other than a legal firearms manufacturer, that does not have a serial number and is, therefore, untraceable. There is no record of the ghost guns that are currently being manufactured.

Ghost guns are made from parts ordered from various gun shops and suppliers or from parts printed in plastic, on a 3D printer. The parts are machined or filed down to fit the weapon that is being built.

Tens of thousands of ghost guns currently exist; gun clubs host large-scale competitions to see who can build the most accurate, reliable and decorative firearm. Some are decorated with dragons, stars or made out of bright neon plastic. These are the new gun clubs.

Why is more anti-firearm legislation in sight for legal gun owners, when multitudes of various weapons are being illegally manufactured and sold? In many states and provinces, ghost guns are now manufactured in homes, legally, and if one believes the internet, they can be purchased for a few hundred dollars.

Should governments around the world focus on stopping or slowing the production of ghost guns versus banning guns for honest gun owners?

Or is it better to have every home outfitted with a host of weapons? I don't have the answer. While I, personally, do not want to own any weapons, I believe that if firearms are totally banned, only the criminals and the military and law enforcement will have guns and that could become a very dangerous scenario for the general public.


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